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Retailer EPA NSPS Enforcement Visit Checklist

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Be welcoming to the EPA or state enforcement officer.

  • Do not kick them out of your shop or refuse to cooperate.

Show them around your store and answer their questions to the best of your ability. 

  • Remember, it is ok to not know the answer to a question, as long as you follow up with them after the visit (“I don’t have an answer for you today, but I will get you that information as soon as possible.”)

If something is found out of place during the visit, such as an operation manual not being near a floor model, get a copy of the operation manual immediately and place it in front of or near the floor model .

  • Ensure that a copy of the operation manual is always kept with the floor model in the future. 

If the enforcement officer finds an appliance on your show floor that shouldn’t be there (such as a non-certified stove), be apologetic and remove the product from your store as soon as possible. 

  • Remember, the product cannot be sold or given away if it is not previously owned by a non-commercial owner. It must be disposed of. 

After the visit, call or email your regional HPBA affiliate director.

  • Alert them to the visit so they may alert others of an enforcement officer in the area to help stores have the needed technical person onsite for their potential visit. 

Have questions about anything that came up during the visit? 

  • Contact Rachel Feinstein, HPBA’s Senior Manager – Government Affairs, via email at (preferred communication) or phone at 703-522-0086 ext. 109.