Policymaker Resources

This toolkit provides all the “nuts-and-bolts” guidance necessary to build a coalition of key allies and raise public awareness about your changeout program and its mission. The tool kit also provides collateral sample materials that can be used as a model for your program needs.

Do’s and Don’ts 

Learn from the best practices and experiences of past changeouts.




Just as every community is unique, so is every changeout program. Although changeouts can take a variety of forms depending on the nature of the coverage area, there are certain qualities that are shared by most successful campaigns. As you begin planning your changeout, the following checklist may be used as a guide to developing an effective program.



Promote Your Program

Explore some key messages we’ve found effective when reaching out to community residents. Your agency’s communications department may have thoughts on targeted messaging specific to the community you serve.


Template Materials

Save time in your hectic schedules by consulting the following templates. We've done some legwork on common collateral needed for a successful program so that you––or your colleagues ––don't have to!