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Make Mornings Memorable with Breakfast on the Grill

Long workdays. After school activities. Weekends on the soccer fields. Life can get hectic. Breakfast often is the only meal of they day when families are actually together. This summer, try to make your mornings memorable by making the most important meal of the day right off your backyard grill.

Consider these five reasons to Barbecue Your Breakfast:

Start your day right: It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not have it on the patio? Fresh air and sunshine will help wake you up and start your day feeling fresh and reenergized.

Keep picky eaters happy: From pancakes and grilled fruit to eggs, bacon and cinnamon rolls, there’s no shortage of tasty meals that you can make on the barbecue. When kids (and adults) are full and happy, they have more energy to take on summer adventures.

Fuel up on healthy foods: Skip the donuts and drive through breakfast sandwiches. Instead, toss healthy fruits and veggies on the grill for added flavor. Then, pair them with your own homemade breakfast tacos, sandwiches or burritos hot from the grill.

Create less mess and less stress: Dirty dishes just slow you down. Toss meats right on the grill, whip up a one skillet egg bake the whole family can enjoy, or use tin foil as a substitute for baking dishes and frying pans to keep dishes to a minimum.

Make quick and easy meals: Anything you make in the kitchen can be made on the grill. Have breakfast ready in a matter of minutes when you fire up the barbecue first thing in the AM, leaving more time for other morning activities before you head out the door.

Take the stress out of the morning and enjoy a relaxing family meal when you #BarbecueBreakfast.

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