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JRM Sales & management inc.

For over 20 years, JRM Sales & Management has helped independent business owners of all shapes and sizes all across America and internationally. We help them achieve dramatically increased sales and profits, and the quality of life they desire. 




Affinity discounts cover Lenovo's entire product line including the best engineered award-winning ThinkPad notebooks. As a valued Affinity participant you are entitled to recieve discounts above and beyond the lenovo.com price. Moreover, Affinity customers will frequently receive special offers providing a greater discount. 

McCoy Leavitt Laskey



McCoy Leavitt Laskey is a provider of legal services including fire and explosion matters, liability claims, contract review, and risk management issues. 

Members receive a 30% discount on Eugene LaFlamme's educational courses. For more information, please email info@nficertified.org

National Fireplace Institute (NFI)

National Fireplace Institute offers a 30% discount on all NFI manuals, reviews and exams, including Live, Virtual products. Please contact your affiliate office for the discount code.

UPS Member Savings Program



UPS Member Saving Programs make the most of your HPBA membership and save up to 34% on UPS shipping services, plus a special bonus of 50% off select services for up to four weeks after you enroll.

Paytech Trust


PayTech Trust, a leading payments and payroll company offers all HBPA members a pre-negotiated set of the best rates available for accepting payments in your business.  From your website, to in-store payments to innovative new payment methods, PayTech Trust can help with the latest technology, top customer service, and best rates including programs that can help entirely eliminate the costs for accepting payments.

Profits Plus Solutions

A small business owner wants advice from someone who has been there before; someone who understands the difference in the operations of their business and a large multi-million dollar operation. Profits Plus Solutions is a group of small business owners starting with Mark Stoner and Tom Shay; two names known within the HPBA community. Six additional small business experts make up the Profits Plus Business Advisors team.

Whether you are considering retirement or are ready to plan your transition from the business, we help you plan every aspect. If the new ownership is internal, we help you determine their abilities to lead the business going forward. We help you prep the business for a sale to an outside party. And, we help to keep the IRS out of your pocket.  We can work with your accountant and attorney – we are small business owners helping fellow small business owners.



Sunbelt, the largest business broker network in the world, is a welcome resource for any HPBA member, business owner, who may be thinking of retirement or planning to leave their operation, now or in the near future.  Sunbelt’s professional, confidential service will assist HPBA members with developing a succession plan.  Sunbelt’s systematic process creates a smooth transition of ownership.