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Codes and Standards

Building, fire prevention, and general safety codes are reviewed regularly, and HPBA is very active in ensuring what's implemented is fair while keeping the consumer in mind. HPBA delves into the technical, legal, and policy details so that you can spend more time focusing on your business. Our codes and standards team works tirelessly to ensure your interests are represented at the decision-making table―at the International Code Council, standards development organizations, and at government agencies of all levels. By seizing product innovation opportunities, HPBA protects the industry's interests and leads efforts to propose, develop, and finalize voluntary product standards that create the most reasonable technical solutions to achieve stakeholders' goals. HPBA's codes and standards team is also committed to educating the public on issues that affect our industry.

Codes and Standards Activities

Search no further for everything you need to know about all of the codes and standards that directly affect your business operations. Stay ahead of the curve with what’s on the horizon with our spotlights on certain codes and standards activities.

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