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ASHRAE Moves to Eliminate Unvented Appliances 

A technical standards committee (62.2) of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is attempting to restrict the use of unvented appliances to the point that they will no longer be a viable option in homes. In addition, a different committee has already pushed through a ban on vent-free products in a separate code (189.1) based on erroneous calculations.

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New UL/ULC Solid-Fuel Insert Standard 

In anticipation of the new UL/ULC solid-fuel insert standard coming out later this year, we updated retailers and installers during Expo in February. For those who missed it, we have a video of the presentation, focusing on new installer requirements. Previously, solid-fuel inserts were listed under UL 1482. Due to field issues, UL created two new bi-national standards: UL/ULC 1390 for masonry fireplaces and UL/ULC 1391 for factory-built fireplaces. In June 2022, UL 1482 was updated to disallow inserts into factory-built fireplaces, leaving a gap for new solid-fuel inserts until the new standards are published later this year.

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