Alumni Roster | Tom Pugh | Government Affairs Academy | HPBA
Many GAA graduates have gone on to spearhead legislative initiatives around the country. Randy Toupin, of Energy Distribution Systems and Rocky Mountain HPBA (Class of 2014), played an important role in halting the proposed residential wood-burning ban for most of the residents of Utah. He was able to utilize the media training from GAA in multiple published news articles and television interviews. Leah Hauer (Class of 2008), Northwest HPBA’s Executive Director, attended when she was running the retail shop Spokane Fireplace & Patio. After attending the Government Affairs Academy, she excelled as a key Eastern Washington spokesperson for the hearth industry, answering media questions about wood smoke and clean air issues. Dan Henry (Class of 2011), long-time member of the HPBA’s Government Affairs Committee, has helped to shape industry policy and response to regulatory attacks.