Issue Overview

HPBA has supported reasonable standards for wood and pellet-fueled appliances to burn more cleanly and efficiently for more than 30 years and worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to achieve these results. All of today's low-emission woodburning appliances produce significantly less smoke and particulate emissions than older products. Hearth manufacturer and retailer members have benefited from HPBA's efforts, and homeowners have enjoyed new technologies to conserve energy and burn cleaner.

Database of EPA-certified Wood Heaters

    May 2020 Update

    The Step 2 effective date has arrived and there is no immediate sell-through. After May 15, anything that does not meet Step 2 cannot be manufactured, sold, or even given away. There might be a short sell-through period later this year, but that is not certain. Have questions? Many of your question are like answered on our FAQ page. 


    To read more, read our May 6 blog post, here

      Donating Step 1 Stoves

      Do you have Step 1 stoves that you are unable to sell before May 15? Donate them to a worthy non-profit for a tax deduction.


        HPBA Retailer NSPS Toolkit

        To assist our members, retailers in particular, HPBA continues to update resources on our NSPS Toolkit. Access a compliance visit checklist, FAQs, myths and facts, labeling guide, past NSPS webinars, and more.

        Launch the HPBA Retailer NSPS Toolkit

          Quick Facts 

          • The EPA updated the NSPS for New Residential Wood Heaters in March 2015, which was the first update to the rule for woodstoves since 1988. Wood and pellet stoves were required to meet new emission targets, and hydronic heaters and forced-air furnaces became newly-regulated.
          • Step 2 of the NSPS came into effect on May 15, 2020.
          • If you sell a Step 1 product before or on May 15, you can still install it at a later date. Most importantly, transfer of ownership OR control must occur before the effective date. See our FAQ page for more on this.
          • Any covered product that is not certified to meet Step 2 cannot be manufactured, sold, ownership transferred, or even given away after May 15, 2020. 
          • Truly used products (with a clear chain of non-commercial ownership) can continue to be sold after the effective date.
          • See our FAQ page and NSPS Toolkit for more information.


            Understanding the Issue