October 31, 2019

Home is Where the Heart is, or did you mean Hearth?

Imagine for a moment the vibrant orange flames, the soothing sound of the crackling fire, and the warmth that begins to surround the home. That is what it means to have a hearth in the center of your life. Picture the peaceful tranquility that the flames ignite. It’s where memories are created and bonds are built and strengthened. 

As we kick-off the fall season, colder months are ahead and it was the perfect time to not only celebrate #NationalFireplaceMonth over the past month, but to remember to embrace it every single day. This time can be about more than just prepping for the holidays, it’s also a time to cherish moments indoors (or outdoors) with loved ones gathered around the hearth in your home, or even someone else’s for that matter.

HPBA launched ‘Home is Where the Hearth is’ as a campaign this fall to show the artistic charm, innovation, and elegance of a fireplace and remind consumers of their sentimental and nostalgic draw. October’s National Fireplace Month tackles the meaning of the hearth from this approach, emphasizing not just the artistry feel to a fireplace, but also the ambiance. This ambiance provides a sense of relaxation that brings the entire household together to create memories that last a lifetime.

With this in mind, no matter the selected style of hearth, new options continue to expand and flourish every season. If you are considering a fireplace or looking to update your existing one, contact your local retailer. This fall season be sure to gather around the hearth in your home with loved ones and appreciate the companionship it carries.

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