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BBQ 365


Year-Round Outdoor Cooking

Year-round outdoor cooking has become a trend in North America. In 2013, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) data shows that with 80 percent of North American households owning a grill or smoker, 60 percent use it year-round.

BBQ 365: As consumers recognize the ability to cook outdoors year-round, many are buying their grill accessories and preparing their outdoor space with BBQ 365 in mind. To prepare for year-round outdoor cooking, download the BBQ 365 guide here.

Ideas to BBQ 365: The barbecue industry makes it easy for consumers to BBQ 365, which frees up kitchen space and creates a natural environment for entertaining. HPBA has created a BBQ 365 calendar filled with trends, tips and national barbecue events to get consumers excited about year-round cooking. Download a BBQ 365 calendar today and start thinking about new ideas for cooking outdoors throughout the seasons.

2013 BBQ 365 Statistics

Using More Than One Grill All Year. In North America, nearly 40 percent of barbecue owners have more than one grill, with eight percent owning three or more. In fact, 29 percent of grill purchases in 2013 were in addition to a previously owned grill.

Barbecuing for Any Holiday. Holidays continue to be a popular time for grill usage. While summer holidays like 4th of July (68%), Memorial Day (52%), Labor Day (51%) and Father’s Day (45%) continue to be the most popular for outdoor cooking, holidays like Super Bowl Sunday (31%), Thanksgiving (15%) and New Year’s Eve/Day (15%), saw an increase from the same study in 2011.

Year-Round Cooking Trends. Summer may be the peak outdoor cooking season, but consumers are still getting outdoors to grill throughout the year. Below are the average frequencies of grill usage per season:

Charcoal Grills

  • Spring: 9
  • Summer: 11
  • Fall: 5
  • Winter: 4

Gas Grills

  • Spring: 12
  • Summer: 15
  • Fall: 6
  • Winter: 5

Electric Grills

  • Spring: 6
  • Summer: 8
  • Fall: 5
  • Winter: 5

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