Pilot Lights

Pilot Light

The U.S. Department of Energy had been considering a regulatory action for pilot lights intended to conserve energy for all heating and decorative gas appliances. At the same time, HPBA has been advancing a revision to the standards for vented gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts that would achieve these same goals while considering the unique attributes, functions, and technical considerations of each appliance category. The CSA Group, setting technical appliance standards worldwide, has accepted HPBA’s proposal to phase out continuous pilot lights, sometimes referred to as “standing” pilots, by mid-2019––several years earlier than would be achievable through federal regulation. The standards being revised will disallow continuous pilots on newly-manufactured products currently covered under the Z21.50 and Z21.88 standards.

New technologies now exist that can more adequately replace continuous pilots, which provided an important safety feature, but have required consumers to manually extinguish the pilot on their gas appliances. This phase out saves homeowners money and achieves energy conservation when appliances are not in frequent use. Plus, homeowners can now focus solely on enjoying the warmth and/or ambiance of their gas fireplaces, stoves, or inserts among family and friends with added convenience.