One of the primary design features most often overlooked is portability. If you plan on bringing your grill to the tailgate every weekend, wheels are a must-have. Grills for outdoor kitchens are more permanent and sometimes require professional installation. If you like road trips, portability and size go hand-in-hand.

Outdoor Space


The actual size of the grill depends on where you plan to use it, while the size of the grilling surface depends on the size of the meal. Of course, you can always cook a feast with a smaller grilling surface, but if time is a factor, a grill with a larger surface will be more functional. When choosing the size of the grill, consider other aspects of your outdoor space, such as outdoor furnishings and room for guests to mingle.

Grill Finishes


Find a grill that suits your taste with a full spread or minimal touch of color. You can also stick with a classic black or sleek chrome finish. Landscaping and patio, whether stone or wood, as well as architecture, can contrast or complement a grill and add to the vibe of your outdoor living space.

Grill Extras


There are plenty of extras that can be a part of your grill. If you want cabinets or prep areas for convenience, take size into consideration. Everything down to the style and placement of knobs on gas grills or shape of charcoal grills are designs to consider. All in all, designs are both practical and aesthetic. Make sure you take time in looking for a grill that suits your needs while reflecting your style.


Where to Shop

HPBA recommends visiting your local specialty retailer to discuss how the array of choices available would best meet your needs.

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