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Prospective Manufacturer Members

If your company is a North American manufacturer of a hearth, patio, or barbecue product, component, or accessory, membership in HPBA would help grow your business, protect your interests, and strengthen your network. Memberships are for the calendar year and annual dues are based on shipments of industry products from the last year. Applications received after the first quarter are pro-rated for the remainder of the year by the month. 

Dues Class  Annual North American Shipments ($US)  Annual Dues  Complimentary HPBExpo Badges 
M1a To $500,000 $1,615 7*
To $1 million $2,150 7*
M2 To $2 million $3,440 11*
M3 To $5 million $6,025 15*
M4 To $10 million $8,775 19*
M5 To $20 million $13,175 23*
M6 To $50 million $18,275 31*
M7 To $100 million $23,925 35*
M8 To $200 million $34,950 39*
M9 To $400 million $48,375 45*
M10  > $400 million $59,125 49*
Barbecue Only      
B9 To $400 million $38,700 45*

* Non-Exhibiting Member Manufacturers will only receive (2) complimentary member badges and can purchase additional badges for a fee.

Because the needs of manufacturer members vary by their products and the fuels those products use, HPBA created Product Sections. Through Sections, manufacturer members in the same industry segments lead and fund specific legislative, regulatory, and consumer initiatives. HPBA's manufacturers fall mainly into three Sections: Solid Fuel Hearth Appliances, Gas Fuel Hearth Appliances, and Barbecue Appliances.

HPBA Manufacturer Dues Section Information

For more questions, contact HPBA's membership team at membership@hpba.org or 703-522-0086.