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Freestanding Stove

Charming and versatile, freestanding stoves are very efficient at heating parts of the home and are available in a variety of fuels, styles and sizes to fit any need. Freestanding stoves control the fire, heat output, and burn times. A freestanding stove gives you the ability to incorporate virtually any style into your home décor, whether inside or as part of your outdoor living room. Freestanding stoves come in a seemingly endless array of steel, stone or cast iron, and finishes including porcelain enamel and high temperature paint in an array of colors. 

With gentle waves of radiant heat, freestanding stoves will make any room cozy even on the coldest day and are often used for zone heating within a house. Stoves developed after 1992 burn cleaner and are offered with a variety of fuel choices. Freestanding stoves are among the most versatile hearth product with some owners even opting to insert them into existing masonry fireplace openings.

Where to Shop

HPBA recommends visiting your local specialty retailer to discuss which freestanding stove would be right for you. 

Freestanding Stove Manufacturers

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