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Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts make an existing fireplace more efficient and clean burning. Fireplace inserts are heating units that are installed into existing fireplaces (masonry or factory-built). Rather than losing valuable heat up a chimney, inserts convert an existing fireplace into an efficient, heat-producing zone heater. They burn either wood, gas, or pellets and offer superior efficiency. Gas is the most popular, providing the convenience of a fire at a flip of a switch with no mess or change to indoor air quality.

Fireplace inserts use the existing chimney, through a flue liner or other necessary modification, for venting; most have blowers to circulate the heat. Vent-free fireplace inserts require no chimney or flue modification. 

Looking to integrate an entirely new fireplace into your home? There are lots of options!

Where to Shop

Your local specialty retailer will know which fireplace insert is right for you.


Visit our member directory for fireplace insert manufacturers.

Visit our member directory for fireplace insert manufacturers.

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