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March 05, 2015

Hottest Indoor-Outdoor Residential Trends Unveiled at HPBExpo

Largest Industry Trade Show in North America Features Hundreds of New Products

Nashville, Tenn. (March 5, 2015) – The housing market is bouncing back and exhibitors at this week’s Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association annual Expo are showcasing innovative products designed to ignite consumers’ pent-up building and renovation plans. Smokeless fire pits, portable grills and sleek, linear fireplaces are among the hundreds of items catering to the latest trends in indoor-outdoor living.

“HPBExpo is simply the place to be for anyone in the hearth, patio and barbecue industry,” said Jack Goldman, President & CEO of HPBA. “The show gathers exhibitors and retailers together around a vast array of products, inspiring them to bring the best innovations to consumers. Our members have really brought their A-game: there’s something here for everyone looking for cutting-edge indoor-outdoor lifestyle products.”

This year’s show has seen a significant increase in registration and exhibitors, mirroring the economy’s steady rise and consumers’ willingness to take on remodeling and home improvement projects. Expo 2015 features more than 350 exhibitors – up more than 20 percent from last year – and pre-registered 7,000 total registrants, a more than 50 percent increase over 2014.**

2015 Trend Watch

Blending indoor and outdoor living continues to be one of the country’s most predominant home trends. Many of the products unveiled at Expo are designed to feed and move this trend forward:

Temperature Control and Upgraded Decor: To maximize year-round comfort in outdoor spaces, manufacturers are creating products that keep outdoor rooms cool on warm days and warm on cold days. Heated floors and dining tables stave off winter chills and cool misting fans relieve the summer heat. Graceful fire pits -- that also can be used to roast marshmallows or cook a pizza -- are a treat in any season. The latest outdoor furniture goes for aesthetics, offering alluring designs and textures in durable, weather-resistant fabrics.

Ultimate Convenience: Many of this year’s new products combine utility and convenience. Think smartphone linked grills and propane tanks that let you know when the grill is hot or when fuel is low. Cool misting fans do double duty with mosquito repellent and aromatherapy dispensers. Smokeless fire pits offer breathe-easy comfort and heated tables with an open-flame center and ice bucket accessories allow for year-round outdoor dinner parties.

Clean Lines, Inside and Out: Linear fireplaces – available in both gas and electric -- are a blazing trend inside and out. Thinner overall, new indoor natural gas and propane models feature high-heat tolerant glass and no-trim options for builders and homeowners. Striking new electric models offer multicolored, realistic flames in linear designs. Even larger, statement fireplaces maintain a sleek, modern design, coming in sizes up to 12-feet wide. Outside, linear fireplaces offer options for a sophisticated, contemporary style made to withstand the elements.

As homeowners continue to move beyond a single backyard grill or smoker, they also want to transform their decks and patios into outdoor kitchen-and-dining areas. Designed to appeal to cost-conscious consumers, many products offer do-it-yourself friendly features, allowing easy installation of items such as storage spaces, refrigerators, dishwashers, built-in sinks, bottle rails, cocktail bars, seating options and food preparation areas.

Easy mobility: Whether camping in the woods or tailgating for a favorite team, today’s on-the-go lifestyle requires products that move with their users. Manufacturers are designing stylish, portable grills and fire pits that offer speedy set up and breakdown without sacrificing infrared cooking technology that heats to searing temperature in only three minutes.

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**Final registration details updated 4/14/15: Expo 2015 featured 375 exhibitors – up 22 percent from last year – and 8,145 total registrants, a 54 percent increase over 2014.

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