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August 23, 2021

Five Reasons you Should be Grilling your Breakfast


Arlington, VA (August 16, 2021) – Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” said it best: “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” He colleague Ron Swanson took it even further when he said, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”


If breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day, what’s the one hack to make it even better?

 Cook it on the grill.

 “Why do I like to grill breakfast?” said Matthew Eads, author of the Grill Seeker cookbook, food blogger and former Marine. “If you’ve never fired up the grill before noon, I’m here to tell you that grilling for breakfast is a great way to gather your family together before a hectic day, create a memorable brunch for you and your friends, or simply break up the monotony of cold cereal and coffee every morning.”

 Saturday, Sept. 4, is “Barbecue Your Breakfast Day,” set aside by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association to encourage everyone from novice grillers and pitmasters to cook their favorite meal outside, in the back yard over a flame.

 Consider these five reasons you should be grilling your breakfast:

 1. Anything you can cook in your indoor kitchen can be cooked on your grill or smoker. While the coffee is brewing in a percolator on the side burner, let the grill cook up everyday basics like grill eggs (recipe here), toast, pastries, French toast, oatmeal, bagels, burritos and ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Cereal is no exception: Warm up granola with a little butter in a pan to toss into yogurt or milk. 

 2. Grilling breakfast creates a family tradition. In an overscheduled, hectic world, weekend breakfasts often are the only leisurely meal the family enjoys together. Making it on the grill creates a new way to enjoy time and food with the fam. Cook up a stack of chipotle egg sandwiches for the family to devour.

 3. It adds flavor to your favorite breakfast foods. Love sausage? There’s no better method to enhance your food and add smoky flavor than cooking over your charcoal, gas, or wood pellet grill. Want to create the perfect pancake? Add a few apple or cherry flavored chips to your flame to improve the taste and texture. Or, try these bacon and egg grilled cheese sandwiches.

 4. Make it a brunch. Have a brilliant brunch by cooking low and slow. Beyond making a quick-turn breakfast over a hot flame, consider slipping out of bed earlier than usual to barbecue a low and slow feast your family can enjoy as a brunch. Think pulled pork scramble.

5. Go adventurous. Just as you use your Saturday evenings for exploring and testing new culinary items over your grill, be just as experimental early Saturday mornings, creating new twists on everyday breakfast foods. Try grilled bananas Foster French toast, scrambled egg pizzas, hash brown tacos and Dutch pancakes.


Remember, investing in a quality grill will provide more opportunities for experimenting with new tools and techniques that will enhance the flavor of your food. For more breakfast grilling tips and inspiration, visit the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association’s grilling site at


About the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA)
The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), based in Arlington, Va., is the North American industry association for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, representatives, service firms and allied associates for all types of barbecue, patio and hearth appliances, fuels and accessories. The association provides professional member services and industry support in education, statistics, government relations, marketing, advertising and consumer education.


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