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December 20, 2022

Passion & Hard Work = Success

As most of you know, our industry has been fighting attempts to force electrification in many states across the country.  During the 2022 Maryland General Assembly Session, we successfully pushed back on a very aggressive proposed ban on fossil fuels at the state level.  Despite this statewide decision, Montgomery County, MD introduced Bill 13-22 over the summer, again proposing a ban on fossil fuels at the county level.

When we heard that Montgomery County (MOCO) introduced a bill to ban fossil fuels, we went to work. We started calling our members within the county, along with other trade professionals (Chimney Professionals, MACA, Local 602 Pipe Fitters, HVAC, gas fitters, plumbers and manufactures of gas line, furnaces and hot water heaters) along with the CSIA and the NCSG. With the help of Corey Krill, HPBA’s Electrification Manager and Jonathan Williams, MAHPBA’s Executive Director, we sent out several action alerts, emails and letters.

How much did we affect the outcome? I can’t say for sure because small organizations can’t always track everything. And it was tough going – we even thought about cutting our losses so we could live to fight another day. That was hard for me to hear – they don’t call me “Mr. Maryland” for nothing! But I learned how politics are played. And yes, it can be played as a strategic game. And we kept going.

But without spending extra money by MAHBPA or HPBA, our passion kept us going and this hard work led to a great success. Our members, supporters, and friends sent 800 letters to the council. The version of Bill 13-22 that passed includes specific exemptions for gas fireplaces and outdoor grills!

This is all thanks to the work of the dedicated volunteers that comprise MAHPBA’s Government Affairs Committee, our Executive Director, the HPBA GA team and its electrification manager, and our coalition partners, Mid Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association, the American Gas Association, and the Mid Atlantic Propane Gas Association, along with local gas suppliers.

The story above should be the only reason you as a retailer, distributors or manufacturer, need to know why you should be members of HPBA and your local Affiliate. There are 12 Affiliates in the US and Canada with Executive Directors that guide a large group of industry volunteers to serve on the board and serve you as members.

Our Government Affairs team is made up of our Executive Director, a director for each of the four states and the District of Columbia, several retail members, regional sale’s representative and the HPBA GA team as needed.

As I let you go into the New Year, this was our story. I can assure you there are 11 other affiliates that are working with passion and hard work to bring you Success.

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