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Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor Furniture


A perfect outdoor space is brought together by the ideal combination of outdoor furnishings that fit your style and set the vibe. There are an abundance of selections to consider when setting up and building your outdoor space, with furniture being an essential part of your project. Outdoor furniture is not simply confined to poolside and patio chairs. Select comfortable patio furniture that invites your guests to settle in for an extended period of time. Outdoor furnishings are available to add beauty and character in any style, creating an oasis to spend time with family and friends. In addition to tables and chairs for the eating area, consider chaise lounges, couches, and side tables.

Outdoor Furnishings


In addition to actual furniture, determine whether you'd like a deck or patio before building out your outdoor space. More specifically, the quality and selection of the materials you choose can make all the difference. As you are cozying up surrounded by the aroma of the grill or smoker, would you prefer an L-shaped couch with partial cover, or an assortment of couches and chairs to bring out the color of the stone and landscaping? When furnishing your outdoor space, it is essential that it is built with top quality materials and beckons year-round. Decks can be made of natural woods, vinyl, fiberglass, or recycled plastics, while patios can include wood, brick, stone, slate, or concrete paving.

From a light hazel coat on the railings to bring out crème cushions on the patio, to a mixture of stone and wood elements around the fire pit, choices in materials for your perfect combination are endless. Inspection and upkeep of your outdoor space is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing quality materials. It is also important to understand your home’s architectural style when creating an outdoor room so that the outdoor space accentuates the home’s indoor spaces.


Grills & Smokers

Grills and Smokers

No outdoor space is complete without a grill or smoker. Serving both as a place to cook and entertain outdoors, a grill or smoker is a centerpiece of your outdoor room. Whether on their own or part of an outdoor kitchen, grills and smokers size up in style and space for a perfect meal with family and friends. From barbecue grills to wood-fired pizza ovens and smokers, serving up an outdoor feast keeps the outdoors a place to relax and entertain year-round.

Outdoor Lighting


While working on an outdoor space, your choice in lighting is as comforting as it is practical. Whether it be lighting up the stairs and pathway to the grill, or pool lights for summer night dips, more people are spending time in their outdoor rooms than ever before. Providing the perfect lighting extends the outdoor season year-around, accentuates landscaping, and is another way to show off your outdoor furnishings. Lighting also provides the ambiance for relaxing with family and entertaining guests. And candles placed at a safe distance from outdoor appliances and grass can create a calming effect.

Patio Heater


There is no excuse to confine your outdoor space to summer nights and poolside parties. With a large selection of outdoor heating options, you can entertain and relax outdoors every season. Patio heaters are a relatively new addition to extending your outdoor season, and are available in stainless steel, cast aluminum, or painted steel, and range in price. These appliances can run on liquid propane or natural gas, and radiate heat 20 to 25 feet in all directions. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, a well-placed placed patio heater or two brings year-round comfort and ambiance to enjoy the outdoors no matter the season.

Where to Shop

HPBA recommends visiting your local specialty retailer to discuss how the array of choices available would best meet your needs.

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