HPBA | Billiard - Manufacturers

HPBA Billiard Members - Vendors/Manufacturers

We are excited to have the billiard industry joining our association! If you have any questions please reach out to Diane Dellen, Director - Membership & Affiliates, or Ian Rose-Glowacki, Manager - Membership & Affiliates.

Member Benefits

  • HPBExpo- exhibit discounts and complementary badges. 
  • 12 Regional Affiliates - providing you with a large network of current and potential business partners.
  • Membership Directory and Products Guide - an exclusive benefit for members only including contact names and details as well as information on products and brands.
  • Money Saving Programs designed to reduce the cost of doing business.
  • Industry Publications including Hot News, (with information on association projects and events), and Newscast.
  • HPBA Billiard Section - As a Billiard member, your company is automatically eligible to become a member of the Billiard Section. Members in the same industry segment lead and fund specific consumer initiatives through HPBA Product Sections. 
  • With optional future benefits to include:
    • Market Research - providing insight into consumer behavior and trends. 
    • Consumer Campaigns - promoting your products directly to the consumer.