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Fireplaces add ambiance and warmth, and become the focal point for friends and family to gather. Fireplaces remain among the most popular feature homeowners seek and add significantly to the value of any home. In your quest for the perfect fireplace, there are several factors to consider from which fuel choice works best––wood, gas, or electric–– to maintenance and costs as well as aesthetics and convenience. Whether adding a fireplace to new construction or an existing home, the options vary greatly and trends range from sleek, linear models to traditional mantel designs.

Most new fireplaces are no longer traditional brick and mortar, but are engineered and pre-built by major manufacturers, often with linear designs to fit more modern design tastes. Factory-built fireplaces are surprisingly inexpensive. Factory-built fireplaces are available in a range of sizes and styles, and can be open on one, two ("see-through" and corner models), three ("peninsula"), or four sides ("oasis"). Brick, stone, marble, and other facing materials can be combined with your choice of mantels to suit your decor.

Selecting the fuel type is an important decision that essentially it is a choice between convenience and sensory experience. An indoor fireplace isn't an option? There are outdoor options too!

Where to Shop

HPBA recommends visiting your local specialty retailer to discuss which fireplace would be right for you.
Visit our member directory for fireplace manufacturers.

Visit our member directory for fireplace manufacturers.

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