Women's Mentoring Program

Remember when you were new to the industry? Are you looking for ways to give back? Being a mentor, providing a little guidance and friendship is invaluable to women new to the industry. 

Are you new to the industry and looking for someone to talk to? Apply to be a mentee to get advice from a woman who has been where you are now. 

HPBA’s mentoring program for women is designed to provide this support. 

We are excited to launch the 4th HPBA’s Women’s Mentoring Program. Whether you are seeking career guidance, offering advice based on your experience in the industry, or looking for a peer to explore ideas with you, the mentorship program is agile enough to fit (most of) your needs. The first step is knowing what guidance you seek, or seek to share, and the second step is applying!

We can’t wait for you to start your journey. Apply below. Applications close on February 1st.

*This program may have a scheduled ending, but we hope these connections will be just the beginning!

Apply for 2024


Apply Here

Apply Here

Note: We cannot predict the number of applicants; therefore, there may be some HPBA members without a match – we will do our very best to avoid this unfortunate circumstance.  

Please send an email to Amie Ryan if you have any questions.