September 30, 2019

Your Fireplace in the Fall

Some people love the change of the seasons as the leaves turn and the nights get colder. Some people dread the upcoming snow and dreary days. Whichever group you fall into, this is the time of year to get our fireplaces ready for the upcoming winter.

We all want to enjoy the ambiance of a crackling fire. You have a fireplace in your home? Great! That’s the first step. To keep it in its best shape and working as intended, here are a few tips.

Gas fireplaces – Get it checked out by a certified professional each fall to give it a good cleaning, check for condensation, and make sure everything is working right. Clean the glass and adjust the glowing embers. Be alert of unusual odors or flames that might indicate something isn’t working right.

Woodburning fireplaces – stock up on the right fuel – seasoned wood. Bring in the chimney sweep to give the chimney a good cleaning and make sure it is free of obstructions. Clean potential flammable materials from the area around the fireplace.

You should never burn anything except the appropriate fuel in your fireplace. Don’t toss trash in there as it can produce noxious fumes or cause unpleasant buildups. Just burn the wood or gas that your fireplace was designed for. And remember that the little ones are attracted to the bright flames, so keep an eye on small children while the fireplace is going.

If you don’t have a fireplace or are thinking about an upgrade, you will probably be surprised by the latest designs and technologies. Your local specialty retailer can review the newest options and help you make the best decision. As an added bonus, many stores have certified installers to make the process even easier.

Home maintenance is never really exciting, but a properly maintained fireplace can minimize risks and maximize a peaceful transition from summer to winter. A few easy steps in the fall will mean a comfortable winter in front of that fire.

For more tips, check this out.


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