Your Best Backyard Shed


When backyards are at their best, consumers are more likely to barbecue and enjoy their outdoor living space year-round! That’s why HPBA’s Your Best Backyard Shed Campaign offers consumers a chance to take part in a fun and informative personality quiz, and contests to motivate them to enhance their outdoor living space with a backyard shed this season.

The What’s Your Best Backyard Shed? Personality Quiz helps consumers determine which personalized shed best suit their needs: shed size, current outdoor set up, accessories, free-time activities, foods cooked, future purchase plans, and personal style. When consumers love their backyards, they use our members’ products more – increasing the industry’s visibility in the general public.

This campaign also includes a 7 Grills for 7 Homeowners contest that will feature seven member products for seven lucky first-time homeowners. Member’s products are promoted throughout June on social media, reaching thousands of online consumers organically, and featured on the website for visitors and participants.


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