The Essential Element

A fireplace, stove, or heater is an essential element to any living room, den, or other room in the house––whether you’re looking to use the appliance primarily for heating or ambiance. Participate in our annual events on social media for a chance to win prizes and consult our tips on how to make the most of your appliance (safely) this season.  

Fireplace Safety Twitter Party

On October 10, we partnered with Mom Bloggers Club and National Chimney Sweep Guild to provide you with information and tips for a safe, sound, and cozy fireplace season. 

Fireplace Holiday Decorating Contest

As the holiday season approaches and the ambiance of the fireplace (or stove) lights up your nights … it’s time to decorate! Next contest kicks off November 2018.

Helpful Tips For Fireplace Season

Whether it’s the warm glow of the fire, the crackle of the wood or the deep penetrating warmth, a fireplace has a way of making people feel relaxed and right at home.Learn More