Accessorizing a Fireplace

Fireplace Accessories

Turn a fireplace into a work of art and the center of an inviting retreat––coordinating with the style of your furniture, artwork, lamps and draperies in a décor that beckons with warmth and ambience. Or, change up the functionality if your fireplace is not quite meeting your needs.

There are hundreds of fireplace accessories to choose from! Choosing a fire screen in a distinctive architectural style or including a complementary tool set and firewood holder adds elegance and practicality. The addition of a stone or marble mantel can change the fireside vibe from countryside to contemporary in an instant. Manufacturers of glass doors, fire screens and tools offer a myriad of finishes: solid and antique black, satin finished nickel, hammered iron, antique and polished brass, and vintage iron, to name a few.

Where to Shop

HPBA recommends visiting your local specialty retailer to discuss which fireplace would be right for you.


  • Think about how often you plan on using your fireplace. The accessories you choose could vary, depending on whether you are interested in the occasional fire after dinner or season-long lasting warmth in the living room. Gas logs are perfect for rooms where you expect less frequent use.
  • Pull out the measuring tape and jot down the dimensions of the opening of your fireplace and the hearth in front. A quick ten seconds will help you and your specialty retailer estimate the cost and proper size of whatever you may choose.
  • Check out who manufactured your fireplace, and what is the model number is. This is helpful information, as some fireplaces have precise requirements when it comes to certain accessories. Your options can sometimes be exclusive to your specific fireplace model.
  • Keep in mind the uniqueness of your home. Does your home’s interior design reflect a single style, or do you follow a more eclectic path? The answers to these questions will help you decide which styles are a perfect fit for you.
  • Take note of the predominant colors or textures within the room. The colors of your walls, tones of your furniture, texture and hues of your door handles and hinges, and the color palette of your lamps and fixtures all have an accessory to match. Choosing an accessory for your fireplace, whether it complements or offsets the existing colors and textures, is just as (more) fun as choosing a painting or an occasional table.
  • Most fireplace and hearth accessories can be installed as a do-it-yourself project while glass door sets or mantels can require custom fitting due to the wide variation in fireplace sizes. A specialty retailer can arrange for professional installation, and will generally come to see your fireplace before an order is placed. A specialty retailer can also ensure that the accessories you choose are approved for use with your fireplace as some fireplaces have specific requirements related to operation.
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