Grilled Bagel Frittata


By Richard Wachtel, Grilling With Rich



4 eggs

1 cup milk

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese  

2 bagels

3 slices of bacon 



1. Rip apart the bagels into small pieces. Set aside.

2. In large mixing bowl, cover the ripped pieces of bagels with milk and eggs. Let soak for 10 minutes.

3. Using a chimney starter, fill it half way with coals. Crumble pieces of newspaper and light. Place it underneath the coals making sure that the coals get nice and hot. Dump coals into your charcoal grill. Place three slices of bacon directly over the lit coals.

4. Remove bacon from the grill. Cut into small pieces. Add bacon to the bagel, egg and milk mixture, along with shredded cheddar cheese.

5. Pour ingredients from the bowl into a non-stick pan and place it into the grill. Cover the grill.

6. Leave lid closed for 20 minutes, or until the frittata is cooked through.

7. Remove the frittata. Serve and enjoy!


Makes 4-6 servings.