Barbecue Your Breakfast

Make the most of your morning meal. Find inspiration to cook up classics like bacon and eggs, or adventurous dishes like warm and gooey cinnamon rolls right on the grill. Share your own creation in our Barbecue Your Breakfast Summer Selfie Contest for a chance to win prizes. And, discover ways to make hectic family meals a little more enjoyable.

Summer Selfie Contest

Everyone knows to grill burgers and brats but what about bacon and eggs? Breakfast and brunch is an ideal time for families with hectic summer schedules to carve out to enjoy together. Snap a selfie of you and your favorite breakfast foods on the grill and win prizes! Learn More

Breakfast Recipes

New to grilling your breakfast and not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Check out these grilled and smoked recipes from the pros that are perfect for breakfast or brunch on the patio. Learn More

Breakfast Grilling Tips

There are plenty of reasons to fire up the grill first thing in the morning. Switch things up this Father’s Day and celebrate dad with a meal hot off the grill. Or, gather the family for a quick and easy morning meal before heading out the door.  Learn More