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Graphs and charts for the barbecue statistics.

Image 2012 Barbecue Sales Table
Charcoal, gas and electric barbecue sales table from 1985 -2012
Image 2012 Charcoal vs Gas Sales
Line graph showing charcoal and gas barbecue sales from 1985 through 2012.
Image 2012 Combined Sales
Area graph showing sales of gas, charcoal and electric barbecues 1985-2012
Image 2012 Barbecue Sales Pie Chart
Pie chart breaking down 2012 sales of charcoal, gas and electric barbecues.
File 2012 Barbecue Sales PDF
Image Charcoal Shipments 2012 Area Graph
Image Charcoal Shipments 2012 Line Graph
Image 2012 Charcoal Sales Pie Graph
Image Charcoal v Instant 2012
File 2012 Charcoal Shipment Statistics
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