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Turkey Fryer Safety

Using a Multipurpose LP Gas Cooker

  1. It is especially important to follow manufacturer’s instructions for operation and to exercise extra caution when cooking with hot oil, which presents a fire hazard as well as a burn hazard.
  2. Never use inside an enclosed area (patio, garage, etc.) or under overhang of house or building.
  3. Only use cooker on a level stable surface and away from any combustible materials (wood rails, wood decks, dry grass, leaves, shrubs, etc.).
  4. Never use near gasoline or other flammable vapors or liquids.
  5. Never leave cooker unattended. Constant supervision is necessary when in use (in order that children/pets keep away from the cooker).
  6. Do not operate while raining. Cover cooking pot immediately and turn appliance OFF.
  7. Always wear cooking mitts and shoes while operating cooker.
  8. Use only a high quality stainless steel cooking pot that is sized for your cooker. Never use glassware, plastic or ceramic pots.
  9. Always use a thermometer to keep a constant temperature check. Never allow oil or grease to exceed 350°F.  Important - oil will ignite at 550°F to 700°F.
  10. Always keep propane cylinder at least 18” away from cooker while in use.
  11. Always keep an operable type BC fire extinguisher within easy reach.
  12. Never operate cooker if parts are damaged, missing or improperly installed.





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