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National Barbecue Month 2013 Fact Sheet

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association

2013 National Barbecue
Month Consumer Opinion Poll Quick Facts

May is National Barbecue Month (NBM), the kick off to the peak outdoor cooking season! This year, consumers reveal they want to bring it “back to the basics” and focus on the fundamentals of cooking outside. In fact in a new NBM poll, consumers revealed it’s best to:

  • Remember Why You Purchased Your Grill. Nearly half of respondents (48%) said they are most likely to purchase a grill because it’s fun to cook outdoors, followed by their taste preference for a great grilled meal (30%).

  • Keep Things Simple and Easy. When looking to buy a grill, or referring to one already owned, consumers prefer their grills to be easy to clean (63%) and simple to use (47%). All-encompassing or multi-functioning grills are also important to the consumer (37%) followed by the grill’s portability (25%) and add-on possibilities (18%).

  • Be Yourself. Thirty-five percent of consumers identified themselves as a traditionalist griller, someone who enjoys the tried-and-true classics. Sixteen percent viewed themselves as a confident griller, skilled and in control, followed by a bold griller who takes risks and tries new things on the grill (12%) and a time saving griller who can whip up a delicious meal with time to spare (5%).
  • Find the right recipe. With such a wide variety of ways to find information these days, consumers have many options when it comes to identifying the perfect recipe for their next grilled meal. With the ease and convenience of finding a recipe on their own time, consumers reveal the Internet is their first choice (55%). With the click of a button, they can have all the images and reviews they need to ensure their next meal is nothing less than grilled perfection. Consumers still value getting their recipes from family members (44%) and friends (34%) for what to cook outside, but if those options still haven’t aided the consumer in identifying the perfect recipe, they also turn to cookbooks (34%), TV (23%) and neighbors (15%).

  • Always Keep Learning. Whether a novice cook or expert chef, there is always something new to learn when it comes to cooking outside. Consumers reveal that their top grilling techniques they would love to learn from a pro would be:
    • How to tell when the food is grilled to perfection (37%)
    • Best marinades for each type of meat (26%)
    • How to cook something outside the box (15%)
    • How pros make it look so easy (7%)
    • What are the best grilling tools to use (6%)

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About the HPBA NBM Poll: The findings are taken from a survey of 1,022 people, conducted by the Polling Company™, Inc. from March 11 - March 13, 2013. The margin of error is +/- 3.06 percentage points at the 95% confidence level. For more information, visit


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