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What makes the hearth industry special are the friendships and history that have been established over the years. HearthMasters was started many years ago to maintain the connections among veterans of the hearth industry. It’s membership was open to anyone who had 20 years of service in the Hearth Industry.

One of the challenges has been how to make HearthMasters a vital program. HPBA has tried a variety of ideas, including a newsletter, a mentoring program, and a variety of social events at the trade show, including a breakfast, a lunch, and a lounge on the show floor. Unfortunately, these ideas have generally not gained traction.

After some soul-searching, we have come to the conclusion that HearthMasters should be suspended in 2015. We do this very reluctantly, because we understand that part of what makes the hearth industry so wonderful are its people.

We are not quite ready to terminate the program, however. But what we will need are two things: volunteers and ideas. If you would like to see HearthMasters revived, please let either of us know if (a) you are willing to serve on a steering committee to help plan future events and (b) you have any ideas that would stimulate interest and participation among the HearthMasters constituency.

We can be reached as follows:

Thanks very much for your understanding – and we do hope to hear from you.

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