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Member Benefits

Manufacturers are the catalyst for growth in our industries. HPBA works diligently to provide our manufacturer members with statistical programs and activities that help track industry trends, and identify areas of potential growth. The Government Affairs Department serves to protect our industries from restrictive public policy and regulation. At no additional cost, each HPBA manufacturer is eligible to join each U.S. affiliate by petitioning the HPBA affiliate for membership and supplying the name of one individual to represent the manufacturer in the affiliate.

Make Smart Decisions Using Top-Notch Research

Use HPBA’s extensive research to better understand your market and to make informed decisions about product development, sales, and marketing.

  • The complete results of HPBA’s annual survey on consumer lifestyle, usage, and attitude are available only to HPBA members—and at no charge.
  • HPBA’s statistics on shipments of hearth products, grills, charcoal, and wood are essential for projecting future demand. Detailed results are available only to HPBA members who participate in the survey.
  • HPBA data also enables its government affairs staff to fight unnecessary or poorly conceived regulatory proposals.

Network with and Influence the Industry

HPBA affords its members many opportunities to reach new markets by networking with specialty retailers and other key players in the industry.

  • Use the HPBA Membership Directory & Products Guide as an essential resource for targeting specialty retailers, distributors, and manufacturers’ representatives.
  • Join an HPBA committee or caucus and work with your peers to influence legislation and to develop standards, certification, and training.
  • Take a look at the online manufacturers’ search. It helps consumers find and purchase products like yours.

Learn, Grow, Buy, Sell—Do It All at HPBExpo

HPBExpo brings the entire industry together—specialty retailers and manufacturers, suppliers and distributors—to learn, network, and do business with each other. As an HPBA member, you can showcase your products before 13,000 industry professionals at a special discounted rate for members only.

Buyers are specialty retailers—hearth, home and garden, hardware, grill, pool, and patio furniture stores. These buyers want to see, learn about,and buy the full range of products and accessories consumers demand for comfortable indoor and outdoor living.


Enjoy Strong Public Relations at No Cost to You
HPBA’s strong public relations program gets more news and information out to more media outlets than any single member could afford to reach on its own. Throughout the year, HPBA distributes press releases that generate stories in mainstream and trade newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. HPBA hosts dozens of news media representatives at HPBExpo, which means that many millions of people hear or read about the products that manufacturers like you produce.

Make Sure Lawmakers Hear Your Voice
HPBA’s government affairs staff works with lawmakers to promote the industry’s interests and to protect it from restrictive policies and regulations.

  • HPBA worked closely with EPA to create the Wood Stove Changeout Program. This clean-air initiative generates demand for wood, gas, and pellet products for manufacturers, sales for retailers, and healthier air for consumers.
  • HPBA lobbied successfully for a 30% tax credit (up to $1500) in 2009 and 2010 for the purchase of a 75% efficient biomass-burning stove.
  • HPBA is lobbying for a federal tax credit of $500 for wood stove changeouts in areas noncompliant with EPA standards.
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