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June 2006 Meeting Summary


Reno, Nevada
June 8, 2006


  • The Board unanimously selected Jack Goldman to be the President of HPBA.


  • Kirk Cleveland, Weber-Stephen Products Company, has resigned from the Board of HPBA, effective immediately. The Board voted unanimously to accept Mr. Cleveland’s resignation and selected Tom Wenke of Weber-Stephen Products Company, by unanimous vote, to succeed Mr. Cleveland and complete the remainder of his term.


  • The minutes of the March 7, 2006, Board meeting, the changes to the bylaws of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation, and the Treasurer’s Report were approved as submitted.
  • The Budget and Finance Committee will meet in August to fully review the budget requests submitted by HPBA’s committees; following the meeting, staff and committee chairs will be informed of the draft budget. When the draft budget is presented to the Board for approval at its November meeting, it will be accompanied by a narrative memo outlining major changes.


Expected Votes

  • The Board approved, unanimously, a motion to provide exhibit space to patio furniture manufacturers at member exhibitor rates, for a period of five years.
  • The Board unanimously approved a motion that HPBA file a position with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that existing natural gas tolerances, after mixing with liquefied natural gas, be maintained at current levels, and that FERC become active in supporting such a position.

Long-Range Policy Discussions

  • The Board discussed the results of the Long-Range Planning Committee meeting, held in August 2005.
  • Mr. Goldman, Ms. VanDermark, and Ms. Centra will develop a Business Continuity Plan in response to pandemics, terrorism, or other crises.
  • The Board discussed whether to adopt measures to ensure that traffic remains robust in the indoor exhibit area at EXPO.
  • Mr. Vukanovich reiterated that the affiliates and HPBA need to continue to share and communicate information and communicate; he also reported that affiliates were encouraged to develop strategic plans.
  • The Board was told that the first meeting of the initial Member Success Club was a success.
  • A retailer membership survey is about to be distributed via the web; the survey will get feedback on existing HPBA programs, and suggestions for new ones.
  • With respect to the impact of increased Chinese manufacturing capacity, the Board recommended that HPBA examine the effect of counterfeit testing laboratory listings on the industry.
  • Mr. Pugh reported that the Government Affairs Committee decided not to prepare a U.S.-nationwide policy on energy efficiency, but that one is appropriate for Canada.
  • Mr. Belmont reported that the Barbecue Manufacturers Caucus is no longer active, but that members have become active in standing committees, such as Communications and Statistics; Mr. Goldman said that he would meet with major barbecue manufacturers to assess their needs.
  • The Board endorsed expenditures in 2007 to promote wood stove changeout programs.


  • EXPO: Salt Lake City had the highest attendance of any western trade show, and that sales for the 2007 EXPO in Reno are brisk.
  • Government Affairs: Board members received an update on legislation affecting the industry from Allan Cagnoli, the new Senior Manager, Government Affairs; Mr. Pugh described the upcoming Government Affairs Academy, which is intended to help train a cadre of affiliate members on lobbying, testifying, media relations, and key issues affecting the industry.
  • Communications: in response to the Long-Range Planning Committee recommendations, HPBA hired Carol Kaplan, Manager, Public and Media Relations, developed a strong relationship with HGTV and the Food Network, hired Strat@comm as the new public relations firm, and is redesigning the HPBA website.
  • HPB Education Foundation: a job analysis survey on woodburning and gas appliance planning and installation knowledge is being circulated to the industry to ensure that the NFI Certification Program continues to follow national certification agency standards.
  • Membership: membership is at an all-time high, a new business liability insurance program has been launched, and a retail membership survey is about to be distributed.
  • Affiliate Leaders: the Committee reviewed 2005 financial results of most of the affiliates, using a standard form prepared by the Affiliate Board Committee; a similar exercise will be launched on member benefits; the first Member Success Club met in May in Nashville, and is off to a successful start.
  • Affiliate Board Committee: the Committee reviewed most of the federal IRS 990 returns from the affiliates; the Committee is also examining what additional tools it could provide to the affiliates to fulfill the Committee’s purpose.
  • Statistics: results of the quarterly industry survey were distributed in May, top-of-the-line industry information was reported at EXPO, a new Internet-based consumer hearth survey is about to be distributed, and the manufacturers’ rep quarterly survey results were distributed in May.
  • Pellet Fuels Institute: the Institute is focusing efforts to obtain an appropriation for the Renewable Energy Security Act, is reviewing pellet fuel standards, and the annual meeting will be held in Keystone, Colorado.


  • The Executive Committee approved a check signing policy that requires two signatures for all checks in excess of $2,000, as HPBA’s bank no longer enforces the requirement.
  • The Board approved an increase in the maximum reimbursement for travel to Board meetings by Board members and Committee chairmen from $500 to $750.


  • Executive Committee & Board Meeting – Quebec City
    • Executive Committee – 6:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday, November 4
    • Board of Directors – 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sunday, November 5