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National Barbecue Month 2009

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National Barbecue Month 2009: What Sparks Your Mood for Outdoor Cooking?

People's love affair with outdoor cooking heated up in May during National Barbecue Month and the beginning of the prime outdoor cooking season. Now is the perfect time to assess and buy the necessary equipment to ensure your summer cook-outs are tasty successes! And HPBA has all the latest trends and recipes to help you get ready for the summer cook-out season!

This National Barbecue Month, and all year-long, having fun with family and friends (40 percent) coupled with the desire to be outside (22 percent) set the mood for Americans to cook outdoors, as revealed in HPBA's latest national consumer poll. And for some, just the smell of delicious outdoor cooked food gets their juices flowing (13 percent).

Consumers also revealed that the cookout guest list is important. Almost all poll respondents (94 percent) said the burning reason to go to a barbecue or cook-out is to spend time with friends and family. What else do consumers say gets them fired up for outdoor cooking? Read full poll results.


State of the Barbecue Industry Report
Ever wonder what's the most popular type of grill or the most popular food sizzling from the grill? Or, who makes the decision to grill when it comes to battle of the sexes? HPBA's State of the Barbecue Industry Report details consumers' grilling habits and preferences and shows why outdoor grilling is more popular than ever! Read full report.’s Barbecue & Grilling Guru Derrick Riches dishes simple tips for outdoor cooking

National Barbecue Month Press Materials

Tips and Techniques from HPBA and's Barbecue & Grilling Guru, Derrick Riches:
Whether planning a backyard barbecue for two or 20, HPBA and's Derrick Riches offer tips and techniques you can put to use this summer and all year long. here area  few quick tips to keep in mind.

  • Evaluate your grill and consider replacing it if you have rusted or wobbly legs, or if the manufactuer's safety guidelines are not being met.
  • Consider placing a heat resistant grill pad or splatter mat beneath your grill to protect your deck or patio from any great that misses the drip pan.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel, i.e. a full propane cylinder or a bag of charcoal.


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