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January: Tips to Fire up Your Man Cave

Since the dawn of time, fire has played an important role in every man’s home (or cave) and it’s just as important in today’s “man cave.”  Sure you’ve got the beer fridge or bar, the big screen HDTV and the oversized recliners, but how can your part of the house ever be complete without a touch of fire? To help you in your quest, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) has put together some ideas to help find the fire that’s right for you.

Metropolitan Cave – Sleek lines, high-tech convenience


  • Convenience is key in your cave, and today’s gas and electric fireplaces can be powered by remote control to offer easy-on, easy-off flames.
  • Fireplaces are designed with vibrant colors or high-polished metal to help tie together the elements of the room (bar, recliner and fireplace). 
  • Stones, driftwood or colored crystals replace the traditional wood logs to make the fireplace match the trendy, unique look of your cave or incorporate a unique waterfall for a zen-like effect.

Traditional Cave – Hands-on wood-fueled fire

  • The firewood cut and loaded by your own hands sits next to your cave’s wood stove or fireplace insert, ready to be used.
  • Team pride is shown throughout your cave while you watch the Super Bowl/NBA championships with personalized wood storage, hearth pads and tools sporting your team pride.
  • Bring in more outdoor elements by incorporating a stone faced surround or slate base for your fireplace or wood stove.

Eco-Conscious Cave – Cleaner and greener keeps you hot

  • Using a fireplace or stove in your man cave allows you to turn down the heat to the rest of your home, saving money that can be spent on beer and pizza.
  • Using a biomass fuel (wood, pellet, cherry pits or corn) in your stove or fireplace makes you feel like you are living off the grid like your cave man ancestors.
  • Today’s biomass stoves/fireplace inserts are U.S. EPA certified, which means they are not only more efficient but also they cut emissions up to 70 percent more than older, uncertified stoves.  No more smoke signals for you.

If one of the caves above is appealing, or if you like a bit of each and are interested in the cleanest, most efficient or simply the best fire for your man cave (maybe what would works well under your flat-panel TV), an NFI-certified retailer can help you find one to fit your style and budget. 

In the meantime, click here to read more information about the costs, advantages and efficiency of completing your man cave with fire or find a specialist in your area today.

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