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You are here: Home Media Monthly Heat April: Green Your Home Questions Eco-Conscious Consumers Need to Ask

Questions Eco-Conscious Consumers Need to Ask

Be sure to understand all the options available for fireplaces, stoves and inserts. Once you have an idea of how you want to use a product and where you hope to place it, these questions may help guide a discussion with your retailer to find the best product and fuel source to suit both you and the environment.


To avoid wasting energy heating spaces that are rarely used, how can a fireplace or stove target heat to specific areas of the home?
Are there environmental benefits to heating this way?
Based on the product I’m interested in, which has the highest efficiency rating?
Are there other ways to increase heating efficiency I should consider?

Fuel Considerations

In our region and with my planned usage, what is the greenest fuel available that would leave the smallest carbon footprint? Are biomass fuels a good option for my home and my use?
How much fuel should I estimate using in a season (supplementary vs. primary heating source)?

Product Lifecycle

To keep things running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, what is the best way to maintain the product?
How do I recycle my old stove? (NOTE: Old stoves should not be donated or resold)

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