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It’s Time to Focus on Cooking Outdoors Year-Round This National Barbecue Month

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association announces the launch of BBQ 365 prior to the 2014 peak grilling season

Arlington, VA (May 1, 2014) – Today kicks off National Barbecue Month, the lead-in to the peak outdoor cooking season.  While consumers are preparing their grills for summer usage, a majority are purchasing the barbecue accessories they need with year-round outdoor cooking in mind. In fact, 2013 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) data shows that with 80 percent of North American households owning a grill or smoker, 60 percent use their grill year-round.

“With the unusually cold winter now behind us, more and more consumers are preparing to entertain outdoors,” said Sue Crosby, HPBA Director of Communications. “Though the summer months see the most outdoor cooking, recent trends show that more consumers are cooking on their grill throughout the year. This National Barbecue Month we are launching BBQ 365 to encourage consumers to take advantage of the many products that make it easy  to grill no matter the season.“

How Consumers  BBQ 365:
The barbecue industry had another strong year in 2013, with shipments of grills and smokers reaching almost 14 million consumers. Gas grills continue to be the most popular type of grill, followed by charcoal and electric.

  • Total Gas Grill Shipments (58 percent of sales) – 8,053,000
  • Total Charcoal Grill Shipments (40 percent of sales) – 5,590,000
  • Total Electric Grill Shipments (2 percent of sales) – 302,000

To capture consumer trends around grilling and barbecuing, every two years since 1983, HPBA conducts the HPBA Barbecue Lifestyle, Usage & Attitude Study*. The following are key highlights from the most recent study fielded in July and August of 2013:

Using More Than One Grill for Year-Round Cooking. In North America, nearly 40 percent of barbecue owners have more than one grill, with eight percent owning three or more. In fact, 29 percent of grill purchases in 2013 were in addition to a previously owned grill.

Barbecuing for Any Holiday. Holidays continue to be a popular time for grill usage. While summer holidays like 4th of July (68%), Memorial Day (52%), Labor Day (51%) and Father’s Day (45%) continue to be the most popular for outdoor cooking, holidays like Super Bowl Sunday (31%), Thanksgiving (15%) and New Year’s Eve/Day (15%), saw an increase from the same study in 2011.

Food Cooked Outdoors Tastes Better Any Time of Year. When asked why they cook on the grill, 61 percent of consumers said they prefer the taste of grilled food. This was followed by personal satisfaction (46.5%), because it is easier/more convenient (35.5%), entertainment (34.5%) and inexpensive (28%).

Griller Confidence Encourages Year-Round Outdoor Cooking. Since the 2011 study, consumers have become more confident in their outdoor cooking. Below represents the level of grilling expertise consumers claim to have:

Charcoal Grills

  • Extremely Proficient: 32%
  • Proficient in Most Situations: 42%
  • Generally Proficient/Could Learn More: 21%
  • Up and Coming: 4%
  • Rookie: 1%
Gas Grills
  • Extremely Proficient: 31%
  • Proficient in Most Situations: 48%
  • Generally Proficient/Could Learn More: 17%
  • Up and Coming: 3%
  • Rookie: 1%

Electric Grills

  • Extremely Proficient: 36%
  • Proficient in Most Situations: 44%
  • Generally Proficient/Could Learn More: 15%
  • Up and Coming: 2%
  • Rookie: 3%

What to BBQ 365. With so many consumers barbecuing year-round, here’s what they are commonly putting on the grill: hot dogs (72%), steak (71%), burgers (69%), chicken parts (64%), ribs (50%), sausage/bratwurst (44%), corn (44%), pork chops (43%), potatoes (39%), beef/pork roast (34%) and fish (28%).

For more great BBQ 365 grilling tips, resources and recipes, please visit

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About Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA)

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), based in Arlington, Va., is the North American industry association for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, representatives, service firms and allied associates for all types of hearth, barbecue and patio appliances, fuels and accessories. The association provides professional member services and industry support in education, statistics, government relations, marketing, advertising and consumer education. There are more than 2,600 members in the HPBA.

*Use of the HPBA State of the Barbecue Industry Report findings should be credited to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Visit for additional information.


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