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Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots lobbying is simply citizen participation in government. Formulating or managing effective public policy increasingly requires the ability to amplify voices from beyond the Washington Beltway to reach decision makers. They key to successful grassroots lobbying efforts is assembling people who share common goals and concerns. This is where you come in! Grassroots efforts are vital in educating legislators about the concerns of their voting constituents. If you do not share your views with your elected officials, then your views will not be considered by those elected officials when they vote on an issue that affects you. You can make a difference by simply contacting your elected official!

Advocacy Resources

Legislative Action Center
Federal & State Government Relations
Advocacy News & Updates
Resources & Links
Government Affairs Academy Wood Stove Changeouts
Guide to Conducting a Successful Plant Tour

Starting a Grassroots Movement

Starting your own grassroots advocacy campaign is easy with the tools that the HPBA Government Affairs Department have created for you! The resources below can be referenced for information on how to write letters to Congress, how to arrange a plant tour and much, much more. HPBA's bi-annual  conference for our members, the Government Affairs Academy, trains members how to both effectively and successfully communicate with elected officials, handle media requests, and represent the industry.


Communicating with Congress

As an HPBA member, you should find time to contact your elected officials (and their staff) who represent districts in which you have operations, telling them about the issues important to you and the hearth industry. Our Legislative Action Center provides you with everything needed for an outreach campaign. Contact them by phone, email, stop by their district offices, or attend one of their town hall meetings.


Conducting a Successful Plant Tour

Visits by elected officials to your company's facilities are an effective way for grassroots participants to build relationships. Plant tours illustrate first-hand how plant processes relate to legislative issues and are an excellent tool for grassroots advocacy. Tours showcase your facility's environmental, health and safety standards. A plant tour is an appropriate and useful way to educate elected officials and help increase the 'comfort index' of grassroots participants.

Be an Industry Advocate!

Become a member of HPBA and receive all the tools you need to start your own grassroots advocacy campaign! Whether by congressional visits or a letter-writing campaign, HPBA teaches and trains our Affiliate staff and members to become change-makers both at the federal  and  state level. Click the map to join now!


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