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Starting a Grassroots Movement


Starting your own grassroots advocacy campaign is easy with the tools that the HPBA Government Affairs Department have created for you! The resources below can be referenced for information on how to write letters to Congress, how to arrange a plant tour and much, much more. HPBA's bi-annual  conference for our members, the Government Affairs Academy, trains members how to both effectively and successfully communicate with elected officials, handle media requests, and represent the industry.


Communicating with Congress

As an HPBA member, you should find time to contact your elected officials (and their staff) who represent districts in which you have operations, telling them about the issues important to you and the hearth industry. Contact them by phone, stop by their district offices, or attend one of their town hall meetings. These meetings offer a tremendous opportunity for you to personally voice the issues important to our industry. This also provides HPBA staff the opportunity to identify elected officials and staff that support our policies, and allows HPBA to develop a lasting relationship with these policy makers. The more advocates we can educate and empower to be of assistance on our issues the better.



Find Your Representative and Senators


Guide to conducting a successful Plant Tour

Visits by elected officials to your company's facilities are an effective way for grassroots participants to build relationships. Plant tours illustrate first-hand how plant processes relate to legislative issues and are an excellent tool for grassroots advocacy. Tours showcase your facility's environmental, health and safety standards. A plant tour is an appropriate and useful way to educate elected officials and help increase the 'comfort index' of grassroots participants.


Letters to the Editor Program

Writing letters to the editor of your local newspapers is an easy and highly effective way to thank elected officials (or those hoping to get elected) who support HPBA issues. Elected officials really, really like positive letters to the editor. These letters go a long way to establishing a good relationship between you (HPBA) and elected officials who often monitor the op-ed section of newspapers and take notice of the opinions relevant to their offices. Such letters can impact the positions officials take on issues and can help educate people in your community about you/ HPBA issues. Letters to the editor are widely read and reach a large audience. Take the time to use this effective tool for advocating our issues.

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