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Codes & Standards


CS Fireplace PhotoCodes and standards are the guiding force behind the hearth and barbecue industry. There are building codes, fire prevention codes, safety standards, construction standards and much more. In the following pages you will be able to research which codes and standards relate to your area of interest and where to get more detailed information. Also, you will be able to determine when that code or standard may be updated or when there will be a meeting of a task force related to it.

Before you get started...

Codes are typically legal documents that have the force of groups such as the International Code Council (ICC) behind it and are enforced by such groups through building inspectors.

Standards are guidance documents, often written by experts in their field. They are created by Standards Development Organizations (SDO's) with Code Groups looking to the SDO's for guidance in writing code.

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2014 Standards to Know:

Code Name:Country:Topic:Link:
CSA Z21.50 U.S.A Vented Gas Fireplaces
CSA Z21.58 U.S.A Gas Barbecue
CSA Z21.88 U.S.A Vented Gas Fireplaces
CSA Z21.97 U.S.A Outdoor Decorative Appliances
CSA Z21.11.2 U.S.A Vent Free Products
NFPA 211
U.S.A Wood Burning
NFPA 54 U.S.A Gas Fuel - LP
NFPA 53 U.S.A Gas Fuel
UL 127 U.S.A Factory Built Fireplaces


UL 1482 U.S.A Solid Fuel Type Room Heaters
ASHRAE 62.2 U.S.A Whole House Ventilation
CSA   B365 Canada Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
CSA   B366 Canada Solid Fuel Fired Central Heating Appliances
CSA B415.1-10 Canada Solid Fuel Appliance Performance Testing
CSA F300-13 Canada Residential Depressurization
CSA    P4.1 Canada Efficiency
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