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Summer 2007 and National Barbecue Month

Fire up the grill, the peak grilling season (May – September) is here! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert griller, there is always room for improvement and the summer is the ideal month to put your grill skills to the test, and assess and buy the necessary equipment to prepare and equip you for this year’s hot grilling season!

Grilling 101

Grill-amentals of Grilling: A Complete Consumer Guide to Year-Round Grilling is the ultimate grill guide filled with the 411 on all things grilling, including:

  • Getting the Grill Ready

  • Party Planning –Preparation & Tips

  • Grilling Etiquette and IQ

  • Sizzling with Safety

  • Food Handling Safety Tips

  • Easy Grilling Clean-up Tips

  • Grilling Recipes (includes meat, fish, appetizers, fruit and desserts!)

Summer 2007 Consumer and Press Materials

Grilling Consumer Poll: New national poll reveals consumers below par grilling IQs.

Grilling is a popular outdoor pastime, but a new national opinion poll reveals that consumers don’t actually consider themselves to be pros behind the grill. The most recent HPBA’s opinion poll revealed that a majority (54 percent) of respondents admitted to having below average grilling skills, marking this summer as the ideal time to explore grilling techniques.

Grilling Etiquette and IQ

The basics of ‘how to grill’ prevail as universal, but when it comes to the rights and wrongs of hosting and attending cookouts, everyone has his or her  opinion. For instance, when asked to attend a barbecue is it always standard to bring your own meat? If you are hosting the party should you invite your neighbors? And, how important is it to supply vegetarian options for non-meat eating guests? To ensure a blunder-free outdoor cookout, follow these Grilling Etiquette and IQ dos and don’ts revealed from a national poll of Americans fielded by HPBA.

State of the Barbecue Industry Report

National Barbecue Month Materials for Retailers

Grilling Quick Tip

Check how much propane remains in your tank by bringing your bathroom scale outside and put the tank on it. An empty tank weighs between 17 and 19 pounds. Another option that’s even better, buy an accessory that attaches to your cylinder to monitor the propane level.