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Heat Up Your Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend may mark the end of summer, but just because the pool closes doesn’t mean your grill does! Labor Day, the third favorite grilling holiday, is the perfect opportunity to get the neighborhood together for a “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Grilling” party.

The HPBA suggest the following tips, to Fire Up Fall Grilling:

What to cook? If you are tired of the same old hamburgers, steaks, chicken and hotdogs check out the HPBA Recipe Web section for savory recipes from appetizers to veggies and catfish coffee to desired desserts all made on the grill.

Meat matters. At the store, in the kitchen or in front of the grill there are always guidelines to keep in mind when handling your food.

Safety first. Of course, the main ingredients for outdoor cooking should always be common sense and safety. To help keep your Labor Day and any grilling day safe check out these tips.  

  1. Position your grill in open areas away from buildings and high traffic areas.
  2. When lighting a gas grill, always keep the lid open.
  3. Check propane tank levels before the day of the barbecue.
  4. Trim the excess fat from meat to avoid flare-ups.
  5. When grilling, use tongs or spatulas to move or turn meats instead of a fork to minimize the loss of juices.

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