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Fourth of July

HPBA’S NEW POLL REVEALS: Grilling is a patriotic pastime!

Eighty percent of Americans plan to host or attend a cook-out as part of their Fourth of July celebration, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association’s 2010 Grilling Poll. In fact, July 4 ranks as the number one most popular holiday for outdoor cooking.



That’s why now is a great time to check out your cook-out equipment and make sure you are grill-ready for summer and Independence Day celebrations.

HPBA has the tips and know-how to help you ring in the holiday and get fired up for grilling:

Pleasing Patriotic Palates
While grilling is a favorite patriotic pastime, flavor preferences and grilling styles vary as widely as the people who use them. According to HPBA’s consumer poll and industry survey findings, the most popular foods for grilling are, in order:

As for top toppings, 66 percent of Americans report that they reach for the ketchup while 62 percent say they add on mustard.


Preparation for the fire-works

  • Evaluate your grill and consider replacing it if you have rusted or wobbly legs, or if the manufacturer’s safety guidelines are not being met.
  • Make sure you have enough propane, cooking wood, and/or charcoal for the cookout, so the fireworks don't fizzle out early.

 Before you celebrate the red, white and blue

  • Do thaw frozen food and marinate foods in the refrigerator and never on the counter.
  • Do sanitize cutting boards and counter tops with chlorine bleach.
  • Do marinate meats at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator before cooking to add flavor and coat the meat.  
  • Do position your grill, fryer or smoker in an open area away from buildings and high traffic areas.
  • Do use a meat thermometer or an “instant read” digital thermometer inserted horizontally into the side of meat, poultry and seafood to check doneness.

 Freedom!...from heavy clean-up

  • Before lighting the grill, apply non-stick spray on the grates.  The protective spray cuts down the clean-up time afterwords.
  • For charcoal grills, line the bowl with aluminum foil. After grilling, and once the grill and coals are cool, simply discard the foil with the coals and ash, then wash and reline with foil for next time.
  • Squirt grease-cutting dishwashing detergent on grill and grates (once cool). Scrub with brush or abrasive pad, then rinse. Repeat as necessary.

For more on All-American grilling preferences, see HPBA’s full poll results and Fourth of July release.

State of the Barbecue Industry Report: Check out HPBA’s State of the Barbecue Industry Report for the latest findings on consumers’ grilling habits and preferences. Read the full report here.

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