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Consumers Prefer to Stay at Home to Cook Out

For great grilled food, consumers want meals with the backyard-grill taste. Revealed in a new national poll from HPBA, two out of three (66 percent) consumers would rather stay in and grill out at home when they are in the mood for grilled meals versus eating out at a restaurant. Grillers confirm, outdoor cooking provides a quick, no-fuss, economical way to prepare a meal for family and friends.  

When choosing to stay home for that delicious, straight from the grill or smoker taste, consumers are adamant about who they want in charge of grilling meals and who they don’t want at their backyard barbecues. A griller who accommodates everyone’s food preferences by serving a variety of different foods including meat, fish and vegetables, ranks as the favorite person to have at a barbecue. Beyond manning the grill, consumers say their least favorite guest to invite to a barbecue is a “Control Freak” – someone who bosses everyone around. 

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When it comes to brushing up on grilling skills, consumers cite celebrity chefs as their go-to guru for grilling lessons. If face-to-face with a grilling icon and given the chance to ask one question about outdoor cooking, nearly one third of poll respondents (29 percent) said their burning question would be, “which spices taste best with certain foods.” Other questions consumers would “grill” their celebrity chef for include:

  • What is their all-time favorite recipe (22 percent)
  • What is a quick, no-fuss recipe (17 percent
  • How long to grill certain foods (17 percent)
  • How to keep the grill in top condition (8 percent)

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