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What Is A Hearth Product?



Manufactured fireplaces are engineered as a firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet.  Air circulates between the inner and outer boxes transferring the heat to your room and keeping the outer wall relatively cool.  Spacers surrounding the cabinet allow it to be installed close to the wood framing in new construction or remodeling.

Compared to a site-built fireplace, factory-built systems are surprisingly inexpensive to purchase and install.  They use a safe, lightweight chimney (or no chimney at all) and do not need the additional structural support required for a masonry chimney.  They can be easily and safely installed in almost any room.

  • Gas Fireplaces
    • Natural-vent
    • Direct-vent
    • Vent-free
    • Decorative
    • Heater-rated
  • Woodburning Fireplaces
    • Traditional
    • Clean-burning
    • EPA-certified
  • Electric Fireplaces
    • Plug n’play
    • Built-in
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    Freestanding stoves are the most versatile hearth product.  They can be made from cast iron, steel or stone and come in a wide selection of sizes and styles finished in porcelain, enamel or paint. Today’s stoves are very efficient, produce minimal ash, burn longer and use less fuel.  Heat radiates from their thick metal or stone construction to keep homes cozy on the coldest winter days.  And many have a ceramic glass to allow fire viewing.

  • Gas Stoves
    • Top-vent
    • Direct-vent
  • Wood Stoves
    • EPA-certified
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Electric Stoves
  • Oil Stoves
  • Coal Stoves
  • Corn Stoves
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    Fireplace Inserts

    Fireplace inserts install into existing fireplaces – masonry or factory-built – to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.  A fireplace insert is essentially the same as a freestanding stove except it uses an existing chimney, though a flue liner or other modification may be necessary.  Vent-free natural gas, propane and electric fireplace inserts require no chimney or flue modification.

  • Gas Fireplace Inserts
    • Vented
    • Vent-free
  • Wood Fireplace Inserts
    • EPA-certified
  • Pellet Fireplace Inserts
  • Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • Oil Fireplace Inserts
  • Coal Fireplace Inserts
  • Corn Fireplace Inserts
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    Manufactured Log Sets

    If your clients have a woodburning fireplace, but dislike hauling in the logs and scooping out the ash, a gas or electric log set may be what they are looking for.  Both gas and electric log sets provide dramatic realism, from the realistic ceramic fiber or concrete logs down to the glowing embers without the work.  Electric log sets are especially popular for apartments where access to gas may be limited.

  • Vented
  • Vent-free
  • Electric
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    Masonry Heaters

    Among the cleanest and most efficient cordwood burning technology options are masonry heaters. Today's model combines all that's best from time-tested, traditional European designs with state-of-the-art engineering. Choose from site-built, one-of-a-kind creations or affordable, prefabricated kits.

    Masonry heaters are ideal in cold climates where there is a demand for steady heat.  Hot fires are burned and the heat is absorbed by a high mass of masonry.  The stone mass radiates agentle warmth as the heat is released slowly over time.  These units are more expensive and require a solid foundation, but only have to be fired once or twice a day.

  • Wood
  • Pressed Logs
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    Outdoor Hearth Products

    Outdoor fireplaces are one of the most requested items in outdoor rooms. By 2015, a typical upscale home will include an outdoor fireplace, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  Their recent survey showed that 65% of participants want an outdoor fireplace in their upscale home and 9% want one in the average home.  Today, there are more choices in outdoor hearth appliances than ever before.

  • Fireplaces
  • Chimineas
  • Firepits
  • Fire/Fountain combinations
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    Since the hearth is frequently the focal point for decorating a room, no hearth is complete without accessories.  Choosing from an amazing array of attractive fireplace facings and elegant mantels can revitalize your décor.

  • Mantels
  • Tools
  • Surrounds
  • Rugs
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