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Fireplace in the kitchen.

A Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association poll found that one in three American adults will have and use various hearth products in their home.  Of those, 80 percent will use that hearth heating appliance as an integral part of their home heating plan, offsetting utility rate spikes that occur during the heating season.

And, builders tell us that fireplaces are the second most requested feature in new homes everywhere. So, when designing or building a home remember to include an energy-efficient hearth product for its utility and the dramatic effect it adds to any room in the house.

Millions of U.S. households have at least one value-adding fireplace or freestanding stove, and that’s indoors. The exploding outdoor living trend creates an additional opportunity to include a fireplace in the well-dressed outdoor room.

To learn more about the versatility and value added by including a hearth product in your construction projects, we encourage you to read through this site and contact an HPBA retail member in your area.


Hearth product in bedroom, complementing flat screen.

Manufacturers Builders Program and Product Specifications
Many manufacturers offer special builders programs created to provide convenient, up-to-date information for homebuilders and remodelers.

Hearth Home Solutions
Find out why homeowners make the change and see the difference that a revitalized hearth product can make to a room.


Consumer Fireplace Guide
Learn more about the wide range of products available to consumers, their efficiency and fuel options.

HPBA Manufacturers, Products and Retailers Databases
The HPBA website provides product, brand and manufacturer databases on a wide range of hearth, patio and barbecue products for indoors and outdoors.

The HPBA will give you the names of the retailers in your area, the products they carry, and if there are National Fireplace Institute certified installers. Check for certifications.

A Fireplace, Stove, Insert or Log Set for Any Room of a Home

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