Success Stories

Woodstove changeout programs work in communities and regions of all types and sizes. Since every community faces distinct challenges and opportunities, the following stories highlight approaches and lessons learned that can be applied in your community as you plan and implement your campaign.

  • Improving Air Quality: This story focuses on an inversion prone, rural changeout in a community dependent on wood heat and demonstrates the impacts on a community that is tailor-made in terms of its geography, population, and energy use. (Libby, Montana)
  • Building Awareness: Regional changeout used a multi-state public awareness campaign that improved both air and water quality. (Great Lakes States)
  • Facing Urban/Suburban Challenges: This changeout established a formula for planning and implementation that is now a model for other urban/suburban communities. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • Identifying Funding Pathways: Funded by the state from an environmental settlement allowed the community to establish a changeout program. (Delta County, Colorado)